How to Make Homemade Weed Killer – Natural and Safe

How to make homemade weed killer

Do not allow any uninvited growth to enter in your amazing vegetable garden or elegant blooms. Make your homemade weed killer who will expel the unacceptable greenery in just no time, rather than depending on costly store-bought solutions which have hard chemicals.

The most trust-worthy solution is the pulling of weeds by hands, but sometimes, herbicides are the practical option. There should be a demand for a response rather than the utilization of synthetic chemicals for perimeter weeds or small outbreaks. Luckily, a simple and inexpensive natural option utilizing items from the pantry will get the task executed.

If we search for a completely natural option to herbicides, liquid dish soap, salt and a cocktail of vinegar contain each and everything of the items required to eliminate or kill weeds rapidly. The salt and the acetic acid in the vinegar are incredibly high at drawing moisture from the weeds.

How to make homemade natural weed killer

The outcomes can be useful and quick, relying upon the season and the weeds. However, some disadvantages are also there. This thing isn’t created to operate its way into the root framework, contrasting some chemical solutions. This implies that various therapies will undoubtedly be mandatory to maintain weeds at bay. Moreover, sunshine creates a considerable distinction when searching for rapid treatment and the five percent acetic acid in almost all household vinegar may fall short of assumptions in opposition to rigid weeds.

Not keeping shortfalls in mind, having a spray bottle of any homemade treatment to kill weeds on hand is most effective and a cheap weapon against weeds that may arise along with house foundations, walkways, or fences.

Just keep away from drenching the soil or closer plants and simply spray the selected weeds. Various homemade weed killers will assist in eliminating unwanted elements in your garden.


The landscapers who are professional enough are familiar to utilize this natural and straightforward weed killer. Utilize a weed whacker to acknowledge the offenders if your lawn is invaded, and then lay down headlines of the previous day. Newspaper simply chokes the initialization of weeds from developing and new seeds from making by blocking out air and sun. Crown it off with mulch, and then, the weeds would not be visible. There is not any requirement for clean-up because the newspaper will break down in time.

Lemon Juice

It is the fruit that not only keeps the garden flawless but also grows in it. It is so because it has natural acid that can kill weeds. Pour lemon juice in a spray bottle and steep any perpetrators – this organic treatment will be dried and kill the weeds in just one or maybe two days. A bottle of Real Lemon can also do your job if you don’t have many of the lemon trees in your backyard. Blend the acidic vinegar with lemon juice for a more rigid formula. The sort that is sold at nurseries or garden stores is dominant, rather than the supermarket alternatives. Hence, there are techniques to develop this homemade weed killer more potent.

Homemade Weed Killer

As a portion of your garden care, you can also try this homemade weed killer that incorporates a tablespoon of dish soap, a gallon of vinegar, and a cup of Borax or salt. For application, utilize a spray bottle where one can fasten the nozzle between a stream or a spray. Shoot a stream in case of a little region. Use a spray in case of an all spread weed condition. It is suggested to take precautions with it. It does not know the contrast between a flower and a weed. It should also be noted that this solution can ultimately damage the soil so that nothing else will be developed surrounding it, especially when utilizing the stronger Borax. The salt dries it up by sundown, and the natural acid will burn the plant. Hence this is the treatment that executes amazing on a sunny day.


It is mostly labelled as 5 per cent acidity. Acetic acid is a drying agent like other powerful acids. The moisture is drawn, and plants are killed when great strength vinegar is showered on the above of plants. Vinegar doesn’t impact the roots. Based on the sort of plant and stage of maturity, it can kill a plant.

Boiling water

Consider a DIY weed killer. It is effective, cheap, pure and chemical-free. Take a jug of boiling water and just put it onto weeds for regions, such as driveways and sidewalks. This will eliminate them immediately. To avoid being splashed, ensure that you get near to the plant and put it slowly. Reiterate the procedure until the region is clear and free if the weeds grow again.

The boiling water does not help kill the weeds at their roots. This is simply a temporary alternative; because the plants can grow again, hence, utilize it when required. And without a doubt, to avoid burns, ensure to take safety precautions.


To enhance absorption, soap is included in homemade weed killing solutions. Mostly, liquid soap detergent is reasonable as compared to dishwasher or hand soap. It executes by destroying the wax region mostly located on all weeds that grow. It will create weeds more vulnerable to salt and vinegar. When used on highest concentrations, soap, a derivative of oil can destroy plants.


You can also utilize this powerful thing to save your garden. On broad-leaf weeds, vodka can be utilized.

Landscape fabric

A protective or saving cover is the best option if you have some typical growing or gardening to do. The present weeds will be eliminated and crushed, and also it assists in averting more new weeds from arising out. The identical results can also be achieved by laying down the newspaper.

Other ingredients

There are various ingredients available that can help you in getting rid of weed that incorporates gin, orange oil, citrus oil, and bourbon. These things operate like a drying agent and assist in eliminating moisture from weeds.


These homemade weed killers should be used with extreme caution in regions where there are edible plants.

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